Preparing for the Year End

Beating Year End Deadlines Incredibly, 2022 is coming to a close! This was a busy year for Velawcity! Our business and our team grew by leaps and bounds. After plodding through the COVID years, our clients’ practices have been making up for lost time. Now, before we know it, here we are, closing out another […]

Series LLC Choices

Series LLC Oh, the Choices The advent of the limited liability company was a welcome option for the business owner who wanted reduced liability without the statutory requirements of a corporation.  The flexibility allowed by LLC laws gives members the ability to decide how to manage their companies as set forth in the company’s operating […]

Delaware LLC Filing News 2021

IT’S OFFICIAL, WE’RE NOW IN THE FINAL STRETCH OF 2021! Thank goodness! As corporate legal professionals know quite well, every year-end can be stressful. It is imperative to allow for sufficient time to process your filings, when holidays, weather and the end of the calendar year create roadblocks. Timing is key when it comes to […]

Delaware Protected vs. Registered Series LLC

Delaware is one of seventeen states[1], along with the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, that allow limited liability companies (LLCs) to create different series (or cells). Sec. 18-215 of the Delaware LLC Act (the “Act”) established the right of each series to have its own purpose, members, managers, assets, rights, powers and duties. It […]

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