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Velawcity Legal Support Services are provided exclusively to lawyers and their clients. Whether you require daily support, periodic support, assistance with a particular project or backup when staffing is tight, Velawcity’s on-demand legal assistance provides experienced, fast and affordable services. Leverage your legal offerings with a seasoned paralegal who understands your practice and can expand your productivity.

Paralegal Services and Areas of Specialty

Helping you with: 50 States Entity Formation, Business Names, Incorporation Documents, LLC Formation Documents, Minute Books

  • Check name availability
  • Draft formation documents, including certificates of formation/incorporation, bylaws or operating agreements, organizational consents
  • Prepare and file SS-4; Obtain EIN
  • Prepare and file 2553 for S Election
  • Prepare and file foreign registrations
  • and much more… 

Helping you with: Corporate Lifecycle , Foreign Qualifications/Registrations, Company Recordkeeping, Stock Management, International Corporate Services

  • Prepare and file certificates of dissolution or merger
  • Draft plan of liquidation or merger

Company Recordkeeping

  • Review, organize and update company records books
  • Draft consents and resolutions
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Dissolutions, Cancelations, Withdrawals, Mergers and Conversions, Redomestication

  • Corporation Dissolutions, Withdrawals and Mergers/Conversion
  • LLC Cancelations, Withdrawals and Mergers/Conversion
  • Mergers and Conversions
  • Conduct due diligence 
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Corporate Statutory Requirements, Annual Compliance; Annual Reports, Biennial Reports, Periodic Reports, Statements of Information

  • Audit status of domestic and foreign states
  • Prepare and file statutory reports
  • Coordinate officer signatures using DocuSign
  • Draft annual consents/minutes
  • and much more… 

Helping you with: Corporate Statutory Requirements, Annual Compliance; Annual Reports, Biennial Reports, Periodic Reports, Statements of Information

  • Prepare stock certificates
  • Prepare and track stock ledger
  • Draft stock subscription or stockholder agreements
  • Draft stock transfer powers and loss affidavits
  • Carta management and assistance
  • and much more…

Paralegal Services and Areas of Specialty for Transactional Assistance

Helping you with: Stockholder and Director Consents, Member and Manager consents, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Stock Transfer and Subscription Agreements, Private Placement Memorandum

  • Basic or ancillary agreements or contacts
  • Stockholder or directors annual or special consents or minutes
  • Member or manager consents
  • Closing certificates, officer’s certificate, secretary’s certificate and compile exhibits
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Public searches, Litigation Searches, UCC Searches, Third Party Consents and Notices

  • General internet searches
  • State and Federal litigation and judgement searches or dockets
  • State and Federal tax lien searches
  • Tax good standing certificates
  • Bankruptcy searches and dockets
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Secured Lending, UCC-1 financing statements, UCC-3 amendment, UCC terminations, UCC renewal; Article 9

  • Obtain a quick UCC search to verify what’s on file
  • Conduct an official UCC Search or a UCC-11
  • Prepare UCC search results chart that includes pertinent information for quick reference
  • Prepare and file initial UCC-1 filings in all 50 states
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Direct File Services, Corporate State Filings, Certificates of Good Standing, Foreign Qualifications, Incorporations, Formations, Apostilles, Authentications, Document Preclearance

  • Drafting state filings
  • Providing expedite filing options, if available, in any applicable state
  • Providing price quotes, if requested, prior to any filing
  • Obtaining or providing registered agent consent to appointment
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Regulation D, EDGAR, Rule 504, Rule 506, SEC filings, State Exemptions, Section 16 filings, Private Placement Memorandums; EDGAR Filings

  • Draft private placement memorandums
  • Prepare Form ID; Obtain SEC filing codes
  • Prepare and file Form D
  • Research state exemptions and filing requirements
  • Prepare and file state securities filings
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Transaction Assistance

  • Track and follow up on post-closing items
  • Finalize closing index/agenda
  • Coordinating signature pages for transaction documents
  • Compile complete final agreement, attaching exhibits and attaching signature pages
  • Preparing and filing state filing documents, preclearing if requested
  • and much more…

Other Paralegal Services Areas of Specialty

Helping you with: Apostilles, Authentications, International Branches, International subsidiaries, Annual Filings and Requirements

  • Apostilles/Legalizations/Authentications
  • International and Offshore incorporations/amendments/dissolutions
  • Mandatory annual statutory filings with company registries
  • Preparation of minutes and documents for AGM, Board, Committee, EGM Meetings
  • and much more… 

Helping you with: Salesforce, Cobblestone, Contract Playbooks, Contract Drafting Assistance, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements

  • Abstract contracts, build playbooks
  • Review, revise, redline contracts pursuant to playbook
  • Draft and negotiate contract terms
  • Process NDAs and confidentiality agreements
  • and much more… 

Helping you with: Pleadings, Summons, Service of Process, Motions, Interrogatories, Litigation services

  • Draft affidavits, motions, interrogatories, requests for admission and production
  • Prepare and coordinate chart, graphs and demonstrative exhibits
  • Prepare summons and service of process
  • Gather, review and summarize documents produced by opposing and third parties
  • and much more…

Helping you with: Trademarks, Section 8 Affidavit, Service Marks, Copyrights, US Patent and Trademark Office, Library of Congress

  • Trademarks (TM) and Service Marks (SM) searches
  • Copyright Services, prepare and file copyright applications for registration with Library of Congress
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Pre or post transaction, audit portfolio
  • and much more…

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