Carta Administration and Manual Stock or LLC Unit Assistance

Carta Management; Cap Tables, Stock Ledgers, Stock Issuance, Option Grants, Warrants

Carta Administration and Manual Stock or LLC Unit Assistance

For a growing company, nothing is more important than accurate ownership records. Velawcity senior corporate paralegals assist many companies as it Carta administrator. Velawcity assists with Carta account setup, stockholder verification, maintaining stock issuance, options and warrants and maintaining an accurate Carta library. In the event that your client is not ready for Carta, Velawcity senior corporate paralegals can prepare standard GOES stock certificates, Word or Excel stock ledgers or cap tables. In addition, Velawcity’s on-demand paralegal services increase your practice capacity by saving you time. Our reasonable billable rate leaves room for mark up, making Velawcity a revenue generator. Velawcity senior corporate paralegals can assist with the following responsibilities:

Carta Management

  • Manage stock classes; adding new classes or increase authorized stock
  • Stockholder information submission, modification or termination
  • Stock certificates, transfer, modify, cancel, repurchase
  • Manage option grants and exercises
  • Create legends and other templates
  • Stock options, create or terminate
  • Library maintenance, upload corporate documents

Emerging Companies:

  • Preparation and printing of GOES stock certificates with specimen signatures attached
  • Prepare LLC unit Certificates
  • Coordinate officer signatures, if needed
  • Prepare and track stock or unit ledger

Drafting Assistance:

  • Draft stock subscription or stockholder agreements
  • Draft stock transfer powers
  • Draft Loss affidavits
  • Draft warrants and option grants
  • Coordinate signatures via DocuSign


Expert Assistance with Carta Management and Carta Stock Certificates since 2018!

Velawcity Legal Support Services provides expert Carta legal administrator services for many startup and mid-size companies.  Velawcity helps to cost-effectively manage employee stock option grants, exercises and terminations, SAFEs, Notes and Carta stock certificates and investor/employee updates.   

Using Velawcity as your Carta administrator will ensure that your company receives efficient, high-quality Carta administrative services at a fraction of the standard law firm pricing.   

hire a legal assistant - Excellence in carta stock management assistance


ALL Velawcity’s paralegals have ten plus years’ – experience working in law firms and/or corporations.  Velawcity legal assistants easily become an on-demand extension to your legal team as your go-to paralegal or as backup for any legal project.  We ensure that your legal assistant is well-suited for your practice and will hit the ground running when you need assistance the most.


Getting Started with Velawcity Couldn’t be Easier.  We begin with a conversation that will help us better understand your current and future needs, setup a scope of work plan and finding the right legal assistant(s) for your law or corporate needs.  


If you’re not quite ready yet, or have additional questions then please feel free to call us at 508-310-1001 or click below to contact us through our online form with any additional questions.  
We want you to be comfortable before you begin!

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