Business Filing Service

Save up to 50% of your current filing costs


Velawcity’s Business Filing Service rescues your bottom line by first determining the least expensive way to make your filing or obtain a good standing or certificate copies. Whenever possible, state online filing or ordering systems are used. Where online services are not available, Velawcity utilizes its network of local service providers to get the job done at significantly lower rates than those charged by large national service providers.

The Velawcity Difference

Velawcity is anything but a traditional service company. Velawcity paralegals have worked in large national law firms and Fortune 500 legal departments.

Our senior corporate paralegals handle your order, not as just another customer service rep, but as a proactive colleague and valuable team member that ensures your filing will proceed as smoothly as possible. When an issue arises, we recommend a solution or simply handle the problem ourselves, rather than presenting it to you. For instance, if there is a typo on the corporate filing, we will fix it and let you know, rather than just sending it along to you to fix. If you ask for preclearance on a document, we may explain why the expense isn’t worth it. Think of the best paralegal you have ever worked with – that is who we strive to be.


Simply by choosing Velawcity Business Filing Service to handle your corporate and UCC filings, good standing certificates, certified copies, UCC searches or apostilles, you will save up to 50% of standard large service company costs, while accessing expert customer service and a cutting-edge solution.

Velawcity’s end product always results in superior service and significant cost-savings.

Get help with your business filing by contacting us today.

What Our Customers have to say…

BeyondTrust did… and here’s what they have to say…

“After a merger, we needed to file name amendments in 20 states. We received an estimate from a large service company for $12,987. Before moving forward, we contacted Velawcity for comparison. The service Velawcity provided was better than anything I experienced in my years of working for big companies, and the price including all filing and service fees saved BeyondTrust nearly $5,000. I would recommend Velawcity to any legal professional looking for superior service and significant cost-savings.”

– Loretta Gaid, Vice President, Legal, BeyondTrust Corporation

And, Empirix, said…

“Like most controllers, undetected compliance issues keep me up at night. So, we hired Velawcity to audit compliance issues. Velawcity found 3 states with issues which were handled efficiently and cost-effectively. In the process Empirix saved $1,800 in Illinois penalties because Velawcity found an Illinois tax amnesty period and ensured the filing was made within the allotted time. Velawcity called to our attention a $65,000 credit in Delaware. Through Velawcity’s efforts, Empirix had that money in the bank within 2 months. To top it off, Velawcity negotiated a volume discount with our registered agent that reduced our annual registered agent invoice by more than 50%. Thanks to Velawcity, Empirix will be saving thousands of dollars annually for years to come. The folks at Velawcity went above and beyond the typical outsourced vendor. I’d recommend Velawcity to any company. ”

— Noel Ogden, Controller, Empirix Inc.

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