Drafting Assistance Services

Stockholder and Director Consents, Member and Manager consents, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Stock Transfer and Subscription Agreements, Private Placement Memorandum

Drafting Assistance Services

Increase your practice capacity without increasing your overhead by using Velawcity senior paralegals to help draft initial agreements, stockholder, director, manager or member consents and agreement templates for your review. Velawcity’s reasonable billable rates allow room for markup thereby allowing you to use Velawcity as a billable resource and increasing your revenue stream. Velawcity’s senior corporate paralegals can assist with drafting any of the following documents:

Helping You Draft

  • Basic or ancillary agreements or contracts
  • Stockholder or directors annual or special consents or minutes
  • Member or manager consents
  • Closing certificates, officer’s certificate, secretary’s certificate and compile exhibits
  • Operating agreements and amendments
  • Bylaws and amendments
  • Stock transfer powers and Affidavits of Loss
  • Warrants and option grants
  • Affidavits
  • State filing documents
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Use our templates or yours
  • Coordinate signatures via DocuSign

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