Velawcity paralegals are senior paralegals, each with a minimum of fifteen years’ experience working in law firms and corporate legal departments.  We also have over ten years’ experience providing on-demand, virtual paralegal services to attorneys and their clients. Whether you need on-going paralegal support, quick research or assistance on a specific project, Velawcity  is your cost-effective, responsive team member.

If you want to  rescue your bottom line, ask us about Direct File Service!


As an alternative legal service provider (ALSP) Velawcity’s mission is to empower lawyers nationwide by offering high-quality, efficient and cost-effective legal support services that fortify law firms and corporations with competitive edge solutions.


  • Establish a relationship with a seasoned paralegal who knows your business and hits the ground running.
  • Increase your bandwidth by delegating lower level work.
  • Build your staff without increasing overhead.
  • Meet fluctuating business demands without hiring and training.
  • Create a new revenue stream by using Velawcity paralegals as a billable provider.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction.

Why Velawcity?

Velawcity is your trusted partner. Velawcity paralegals are senior paralegals with over 10 years’ experience working in law firms or corporations with specialties ranging from all things corporate, including entity formation, business filings of all kinds, corporate compliance, transactional management from M&A to secured lending, private and public company securities filings, contract review and administration, and litigation.


Velawcity paralegals easily become an extension to your legal team as your go-to paralegal or as periodic backup for bulk projects such as outsourcing annual report maintenance, minute book clean up projects, contract review and other supplemental projects without expanding your payroll budget.

Our Power Tools

With over a decade of experience working virtually, we use the best technologies for a productive virtual relationship:

  • Proprietary database of form agreements, consents and state forms, stockholder/director resolutions
  • DocuSign for ease of execution
  • Sharing platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Affiliate partner of CT/NRAI.

The Power of Leverage

Leveraging Velawcity’s on-demand senior paralegal services allows you to:

  • Control your budget
  • Increase productivity
  • Meet fluctuating workload demands
  • Create an additional revenue stream

The Power of Continuity

Velawcity paralegals provide the power of continuity:

  • We’re here to meet your needs.  Depending on your preference, we use your firm’s letterhead, email address, enter time directly into your billing system or any other specific instructions specific to your needs.
  • We capture your institutional knowledge, thereby increasing our efficiency and value.
  • No need for repeat instructions or training.
  • Our exemplary work product is always consistent with your firm’s look and feel.

Rescue Your Bottom Line – Let Us Handle Your Business Filings!

Have you ever looked at a national service company invoice for business filings, roll your eyes and wonder how in the world they sleep at night? As colleagues, we have too. So, we discovered the workaround.


Velawcity DirectFile Service rescues your bottom line by accomplishing business filings, expeditiously and at significantly lower rates than those of other national service providers.

Velawcity’s end product always results in superior service and up to 50% cost-savings.


Our Team Members

Denise Annunciata
Denise Annunciata
Denise Annunciata is the President and Founder of Velawcity. Denise has 33 years’ experience as a corporate paralegal and is a serial entrepreneur. From 1985 to 2000, Denise was a corporate paralegal and paralegal manager in various corporations and law firms... Read More
Steve Zagami
Steve Zagami
Steve is the Senior Vice President of Velawcity. Steve has over 15 years of corporate paralegal experience working on a wide range of corporate matters, including: corporate and transactional matters, financing, formation, dissolution, mergers, entity management... Read More
Phyllis Cummings
Phyllis Cummings
Phyllis is Velawcity's Lead Securities Paralegal. Phyllis has over 24 years' experience as a senior paralegal working in major law firms, corporations and at the Securities Exchange Commission. Phyllis has worked in all capacities of the business life cycle from startups... Read More
Elle Ferguson is a Senior Corporate Paralegal with 15 years of experience. Prior to her starting with Velawcity, Elle was a vital part of legal and compliance departments several public and private corporations including Fidelity Investments...Read More
Sherri Malloy is a Senior Corporate and Litigation Paralegal with over 16 years experience working in law firms and corporations. As a litigation paralegal, Sherri has vast experience with document production, pleadings, discovery, e-filing, case law, document organization... Read More
Mantas Leisis
Mantas Leisis
Mantas is a Global Law Specialist with over 7 years of experience in corporate legal field worldwide. Working as a lawyer at global companies in Europe and providing legal international services for large corporate structures worldwide, Mantas has become a worth trusty... Read More

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  • We've recapped the recent amendments to Delaware's Entity Laws On July 16, 2020, amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Laws (DGCL) ...

  • We've recapped the recent amendments to Delaware's Entity Laws On July 16, 2020, amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Laws (DGCL) ...