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Velawcity is your trusted partner. Velawcity senior paralegals each have over 10 years’ experience working in law firms and/or corporations. Specialty areas include all things business, including entity formation, business filings of all kinds, corporate compliance, drafting assistance, (i.e. ancillary agreements, consents, minutes, officer’s certificates, secretary’s certificate), transactional assistance (i.e. M&A, asset purchase, stock purchase, secured lending, etc.), stockholder management including Carta administrator services, securities and blue sky filings, contract review and administration, litigation and bankruptcy.

Senior Paralegals Make All the Difference

In addition to our senior paralegals having over a decade of practical experience, Velawcity’s management has over seventeen years’ experience providing virtual, on-demand paralegal services to attorneys. Whether you need on-going paralegal support or assistance on a specific project, Velawcity is your seamless, cost-effective, responsive team member.

Tangible Benefits

Using Velawcity provides the following tangible benefits:

  • Establish a relationship with a seasoned paralegal who understands your practice, hits the ground running and is just an e-mail away.
  • On-Demand. No retainer. No commitment.
  • Increase your practice capacity by delegating non-substantive legal work.
  • Supplement legal staff without increasing overhead.
  • Meet fluctuating business demands without hiring and training.
  • Create a new revenue stream by using Velawcity paralegals as a billable resource.
  • Velawcity’s pricing allows for significant markup.
  • Our experience packs a lot of value into every billable hour.
  • Use your form or as a starting point, we can provide one from our proprietary database.
  • Gain continuity. No need for repeat instructions or training.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Our Paralegals have 10+ years of experience. We are your paralegal services provider!

ALL of our paralegals have ten plus years of experience working in a variety of law firms or corporations.  Click here to learn more.

Benefits of Working with Velawcity


Unlike temporary staffing agencies, Velawcity paralegals gain your institutional knowledge. So whether you use us every day or every so often, no training is required.

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Because Velawcity paralegals are senior-level, we hit the ground running. We use your forms or ours if you need need a starting point. Velawcity paralegals pack a lot of skill and knowledge into every billable hour. 


Velawcity services grant complete peace of mind because you know we’re simply here when you need us.

Velawcity requires no retainer or commitment. We simply adapt to fluctuations in your business demands, allowing you to ramp up as needed without the need to incur overhead, recruiting and training time.

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With over a decade of experience working virtually, we employ the most up-to-date technologies for a constructive virtual relationship, by subscribing or maintaining:

  • DocuSign for easy execution
  • Adobe Acrobat for easy manipulation of PDF files
  • Dropbox for Business, Google Drive and other sharing platforms
  • A proprietary database of form agreements, state forms, resolutions, stockholder/director, manager/member consents and minutes


Leveraging Velawcity’s on-demand senior paralegal services allows you to:

  • Control your budget
  • Increase your practice capacity
  • Easily meet fluctuating workload demands without increasing overhead
  • Increase your bottom line by creating an additional revenue stream
  • Access expert paralegal assistance on-demand. No commitment. No retainer.


Velawcity provides the power of continuity, by:

  • Assigning a dedicated paralegal
  • Providing exemplary work product that is always consistent with your practice protocol (i.e., firm letterhead, email address and other specific instructions)
  • Capturing your institutional knowledge, thereby increasing our efficiency and value. No need for repeat instructions or training
  • Providing a seamless work experience
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Velawcity’s Business Filing Service rescues your bottom line by providing expeditious business filings in all 50 states at significantly lower rates than other national service providers. Velawcity’s end product always results in superior service and up to 50% cost-savings.


Have you ever looked at a national service company invoice for business filings, rolled your eyes and wondered how they sleep at night? As colleagues, we have too. So, we developed the workaround.

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