Intellectual Property Services

Prepare and File Trademark Registrations, Section 8 Affidavits, Service Mark Registrations, Copyrights, US Patent and Trademark Office, Library of Congress

Intellectual Property Services

Before determining whether to file an expensive trademark application, Velawcity’s senior IP paralegals can assist in performing either a generic search, or a simple USPTO search or an official “full search” via Corsearch or another preferred provider. Once the decision has been made to file a registration, Velawcity’s senior intellectual property paralegals expertly assist with Trademark, Service Mark and Copyright applications for registration, whether with the USPTO or a particular state where the mark will be used in commerce. Velawcity’s senior IP paralegals will help coordinate requirements for the filings, including formatting required symbols and pictures and submitting the application for registration. Once the trademark / service mark or copyright is registered, Velawcity can assist with assignments, affidavits, renewals and any other filings required through the life of the mark or copyright. Velawcity’s senior IP paralegals can assist with the following responsibilities:

Trademarks (TM) and Service Marks (SM)

  • Trademark and service mark searches
  • Prepare and file USPTO TM/SM applications for registration
  • Prepare and file state TM/SM applications
  • Maintain tickler systems for filing requirements, extensions and amendments
  • Prepare and file USPTO or state renewals
  • Perform USPTO, state and general TM/SM searches
  • Prepare IP summary spreadsheet and share via Google Docs
  • IP Docket Management and Tracking
  • Draft and file TM/SM assignments
  • Section 8, 9 or 15 affidavits
  • Assist with filing statements of use

Copyright Services

  • Prepare and file copyright applications for registration with Library of Congress
  • Perform copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Agent searches
  • Draft and file DMCA registrations with Library of Congress
  • Prepare and file copyright amendments and other supplemental registrations
  • Draft and file copyright assignments
  • Draft DMCA notice violations
  • Draft permission to use material

Due Diligence Services

  • Pre or post transaction, audit portfolio
  • Prepare and maintain a tickler system for updated filings
  • Prepare an IP summary sheet via Google docs summarizing all pertinent IP information
  • Upload and Maintain e-files
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ALL Velawcity’s paralegals have ten plus years’ – experience working in law firms and/or corporations.  Velawcity legal assistants easily become an on-demand extension to your legal team as your go-to paralegal or as backup for any legal project.  We ensure that your legal assistant is well-suited for your practice and will hit the ground running when you need assistance the most.


Getting Started with Velawcity Couldn’t be Easier.  We begin with a conversation that will help us better understand your current and future needs, setup a scope of work plan and finding the right legal assistant(s) for your law or corporate needs.  


If you’re not quite ready yet, or have additional questions then please feel free to call us at 508-310-1001 or click below to contact us through our online form with any additional questions.  
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