Article 9, UCC Assistance

Secured Lending Transactions, Preparation, Filing or Tracking UCC-1, UCC-3 financing statements, terminations, renewals

Article 9, UCC Assistance

Whether you need expert paralegal assistance to search and gather active UCCs on file in a domestic state, or active fixture filings in the counties, cities or states where real estate is located, Velawcity’s senior corporate paralegals get results for you in the most timely and cost-effective manner. We can take a quick look into what’s on file, we can order copies or conduct a full UCC-11 search, per your request. We then compile the results onto a UCC search results chart with summarized information for your easy reference. When it comes to UCC financing statements searches and filings, Velawcity’s senior corporate paralegals handle the following responsibilities:

  • Obtain a quick UCC search to verify what’s on file
  • Conduct an official UCC Search or a UCC-11
  • Prepare UCC search results chart that includes pertinent information for quick reference
  • Prepare and file initial UCC-1 filings in all 50 states
  • Prepare and file Fixture Filings
  • Prepare and file UCC-3 continuations, amendments and terminations
  • Track renewal dates

Due Diligence 

Transaction Assistance

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ALL Velawcity’s paralegals have ten plus years’ – experience working in law firms and/or corporations.  Velawcity legal assistants easily become an on-demand extension to your legal team as your go-to paralegal or as backup for any legal project.  We ensure that your legal assistant is well-suited for your practice and will hit the ground running when you need assistance the most.


Getting Started with Velawcity Couldn’t be Easier.  We begin with a conversation that will help us better understand your current and future needs, setup a scope of work plan and finding the right legal assistant(s) for your law or corporate needs.  


If you’re not quite ready yet, or have additional questions then please feel free to call us at 508-310-1001 or click below to contact us through our online form with any additional questions.  
We want you to be comfortable before you begin!

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