Who We Serve

Solo Practioners and Law Firms

Velawcity paralegals provide expert, senior paralegal services that you’re accustomed to having in a law firm setting. Velawcity paralegals can function from entry-level paralegal to fourth year associate level. As a result, Velawcity paralegals strengthen your legal team. We follow your protocol and preferences, making our work product seamless.

Increase your bandwidth.
Enhance your revenue stream.
Fortify your competitive edge.

Although you’re not our only client, you’ll feel like you are!

Corporate Legal Departments

When staffing is stretched, Velawcity paralegals become an extension of your legal team to assist with a special project or overflow work. In legal departments without a paralegal on staff, Velawcity paralegals can serve as your go-to paralegal as needed, without incurring additional overhead.

No Retainer.
No Commitment.

Although you’re not our only client, you’ll feel like you are!

Affordable Extension of Your Legal Team

Flexible Team Member

Velawcity paralegals become a flexible member of your team. We accumulate knowledge of your practice or company which allows us to bring immediate value to any project.

Fast Responding

As a fast-responding team member, you can expect a response from your assigned team member within 5-10 minutes of sending a request. And we strive to complete your project within 24 hours when applicable.




Paralegal Services

Velawcity paralegals bring a lot of value to every billable hour.

DirectFile Service

Velawcity DirectFile Service rescues your bottom line by accomplishing business filings, expeditiously and at significantly lower rates than those of other national service providers.

Velawcity’s end product always results in superior service and up to 50% cost-savings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Flat Rates

Having a flat rate makes it easier for you to calculate your client pricing and the value of our services. Therefore, we provide flat rates for all of our common projects. If your project is not on our rate list, we will provide a project estimate that you can depend on so long as the project doesn’t change significantly. Contact us for our rate sheet.

No surprises.
Room for mark up.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.