F.J. Lucchino, Esq., Lucchino Law Offices

As a solo practitioner working with emerging growth companies, I rely on Velawcity. They are reliable, responsive, knowledgeable, and cost-efficient. Whether I need them to make a Delaware filing, prepare stock certificates, or assist me with a closing (among other things), I know I can count on them.

F.J. Lucchino
Esq., Lucchino Law Offices

Anibal Manzano, Next Legal, LLC

I have worked with Velawcity and Steve Zagami for close to two years now and worked at large corporations for 7 years prior to joining my current law firm as a corporate transactions attorney. Steve is one of the most professional and responsive people I have ever worked with. In addition to how transparent, reliable, and trustworthy the folks at Velawcity are, I would also point out that Velawcity (1) has a very high-level of expertise in corporate filings (particularly in Delaware) and (2) can offer DirectFile services in 50+ states. When we have questions related to corporate filings and matters with the Secretary of State, Velawcity is who we call.

Anibal Manzano
Next Legal, LLC

Noel Ogden, Controller, Empirix Inc., Billerica, MA

Like most controllers, undetected compliance issues keep me up at night. So, we hired Velawcity to audit compliance issues. Velawcity found 3 states with issues which were handled efficiently and cost-effectively. In the process Empirix saved $1,800 in Illinois penalties because Velawcity found an Illinois tax amnesty period and ensured the filing was made within the allotted time. Velawcity called to our attention a $65,000 credit in Delaware. Through Velawcity’s efforts, Empirix had that money in the bank within 2 months. To top it off, Velawcity negotiated a volume discount with our registered agent that reduced our annual registered agent invoice by more than 50%. Thanks to Velawcity, Empirix will be saving thousands of dollars annually for years to come. The folks at Velawcity went above and beyond the typical outsourced vendor. I’d recommend Velawcity to any company.

Noel Ogden
Controller, Empirix Inc., Billerica, MA

Scott Soloway, Technology Law, Soloway Law, Wellesley, MA

Over many years, I have worked with Denise on a variety of projects, including trademark clearance searches, complicated good standing issues and an incorporation with several stockholders and stockholder agreements. I have found Denise and her team to be knowledgeable, thorough, accessible, accountable and overall, an excellent resource to my practice. I would highly recommend Velawcity to others.

Scott Soloway
Technology Law, Soloway Law, Wellesley, MA

Steve Cagnetta, Founder and Principal, Company Counsel, LLC, Winchester, MA

Denise and I have worked together for many years. I was an original client when she founded Virtual Paralegal Services and have relied on her ever since. Whether I’m looking for general corporate or transactional assistance, Denise and her team are my go-to paralegals. Her team is highly experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking and produces an excellent work product. I’d recommend Velawcity to any colleague.

Steve Cagnetta
Founder and Principal, Company Counsel, LLC, Winchester, MA

Melissa Solomon, Senior Corporate Attorney, Benchmark Senior Living, Waltham, MA

Denise is one of the best paralegals I’ve worked with in my almost 20 years of practicing corporate law. I would definitely recommend her and her team to any lawyer looking for organized, exceptional, knowledgeable and accountable paralegal support.

Melissa Solomon
Senior Corporate Attorney, Benchmark Senior Living, Waltham, MA

Megan Foley, Partner, Moynihan Partners LLC, Cambridge, MA

The Velawcity team consists of excellent paralegals with years of experience in the industry. They are extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about their subject areas which range from corporate law to securities law to intellectual property law and beyond. I would highly recommend Velawcity. They have been invaluable to the success of our business.

Megan Foley
Partner, Moynihan Partners LLC, Cambridge, MA

Jonathan Levitt, Managing Member at Outside GC, Patent GC and Outside CFO

We've used Denise's company numerous times to provide paralegal services for our corporate clients. She and her team do a great job. They are very responsive and professional. Denise is also a person of high integrity - I trust her as a business partner to do the right thing for Outside GC and for our clients.

Jonathan Levitt
Managing Member at Outside GC, Patent GC and Outside CFO

Joanna Munier, Former CFO at Passkey International

Passkey contracted with Denise to work in-house reviewing and organizing our contract files. Denise created a convenient spreadsheet of all contracts that includes all pertinent information at a glance. She then created an electronic file for all contracts for our easy access. Our contract files are now well-organized which saves our staff significant time and energy in our day-to-day work. We found Denise to be professional, knowledgeable, tenacious and accountable. I would highly recommend her to other corporations looking to access project-based paralegal services at an affordable price.

Joanna Munier
Former CFO at Passkey International

Mike Carroll, Esq., Carroll and Carroll, P.C., Irvine CA

I’ve been using Steve, Denise and their team for years. My practice is such that I may not need paralegal services for months. But that doesn’t matter to Steve and his team. Whenever I reach out to them, I can count on an immediate response and that my matter will be handled as if I were their most important client. The Velawcity team is an excellent resource to my practice and I would recommend Velawcity to any lawyer looking for on-going or sporadic paralegal assistance.

Mike Carroll
Esq., Carroll and Carroll, P.C., Irvine CA

Russ Alba, Esq., Black Swan Legal, PLLC, Tampa FL

As one of Denise's first clients I’ve used Denise and her team as the sole source for all of my paralegal service needs for over a decade. Always highly responsive, completely competent, and cost effective, Velawcity brings all of the horsepower of Big Law paralegal services to the small firm/solo practice market at an absurdly small fraction of the cost.

Russ Alba
Esq., Black Swan Legal, PLLC, Tampa FL

Samuel M. Shafner, Esq., Shafner Law Office, P.C., Boston, MA

After many years at an established law firm with its own paralegal staff, I started my own firm. As a corporate/securities lawyer, I wanted access to high quality corporate paralegal assistance to which I was accustomed. I searched on-line, but most of the outsourced paralegal providers I found focused upon litigation support, not corporate work. Then I found Steve Zagami, who has been indispensable to my practice. Steve and his team are reasonably priced, knowledgeable and reliable. They react well to emergencies and are a pleasure to deal with. Whether I need simple incorporations, state-to-state conversions, litigation and lien searches, or more complex work, Steve and his team excels. I’d recommend Velawcity without hesitation to those in need of outsourced corporate paralegal assistance.

Samuel M. Shafner
Esq., Shafner Law Office, P.C., Boston, MA

Gerald O’Connor, Esq., O’Connor Law Group, Boston, MA

Steve Zagami and his team have been my go-to paralegals for over five years. Their services are exemplary and their fees are very cost-effective. I’d highly recommend Velawcity to any lawyer.

Gerald O'Connor
Esq., O'Connor Law Group, Boston, MA

Martin Willoughby, General Counsel, SVP, BeyondTrust Corporation, Johns Creek, GA

Velawcity is my secret weapon …

Martin Willoughby
General Counsel, SVP, BeyondTrust Corporation, Johns Creek, GA

Loretta Gaid, Vice President, Legal, BeyondTrust Corporation, Johns Creek, GA

After a corporate name change, we needed to file name amendments in 20 states. We received an estimate from a large service company for $12,987. Before moving forward, we contacted Velawcity for comparison because our GC knew Denise from prior projects. The service Velawcity provided was better than anything I experienced in my years of working for big companies, and the price including all filing and service fees saved BeyondTrust nearly $5,000. I would recommend Velawcity to any legal professional looking for superior service and significant cost-savings.

Loretta Gaid
Vice President, Legal, BeyondTrust Corporation, Johns Creek, GA

Lewis Segal, Esq. Senior Counsel OutsideGC LLC

I worked closely with Denise in a complex transaction that involved, among many other things, a secured line of credit requiring the perfection of security interests in multiple jurisdictions. Denise assumed responsibility for the preparation and filing of all documents necessary for the creation and registration of the entities in the deal as well as all UCC related requirements. She had a total grasp of the structure of the deal and everything that was necessary to accomplish the business objectives of the parties. She responded promptly and effectively to mid-course changes in the structure and terms of the transaction. Her work exceeded -- in thoroughness, timeliness and sophistication -- anything that I have ever experienced in working with a paralegal assistant and was superior to the performance of many associate lawyers in comparable situations. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to any business lawyer who wants to get a deal done with all the loose ends competently tied up.

Lewis Segal
Esq. Senior Counsel OutsideGC LLC

Tom Dolan, Corporate Counsel, Panera Bread, Needham, MA

Velawcity is my go-to corporate service company. I receive expert service with amazingly fast turnaround, and at a great price.

Tom Dolan
Corporate Counsel, Panera Bread, Needham, MA

Bill Stone, Principal, OutsideGC LLC

OutsideGC has been using the services of Denise and her team for a number of years in various transactions and we’ve found her to be a valuable asset to our business model. Denise and her company allow business attorneys in small firms and solo practices to access the highly skilled paralegal assistance typically only available to lawyers at large firms. Her team's services excel in all areas: expertise, availability, competence, responsibility, responsiveness and accountability."

Bill Stone
Principal, OutsideGC LLC

Why Use Velawcity Legal Support Services


Unlike a traditional temporary staffing company, Velawcity paralegals gain institutional knowledge. So whether you use us every day or every so often, there’s no training required.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Because Velawcity paralegals are senior-level, we hit the ground running. We use your forms or ours if you need need a starting point. Using Velawcity paralegals, you get a lot of skill and knowledge packed into every billable hour.

No Retainer. No Commitment.

Velawcity paralegals grant complete peace of mind because you know we’re simply here when you need us.

Velawcity requires no retainer or commitment. We adapt to fluctuations in your business demands, allowing you to ramp up as needed without the need of recruiting, hiring and training.