Velawcity Services Spotlight: Carta Support

Velawcity Services Spotlight: Carta Support

Did You Know Velawcity Offers Carta Support?

All corporate practitioners know that Carta is fast becoming a preferred platform for cap table management for issuing stock, approving and accepting option grants, tracking cap tables and staying compliant – and many Velawcity clients are currently serving as the administrator for their clients’ Carta accounts.  By providing Velawcity access to your client’s Carta accounts, we are able to assist with the maintenance and management of those accounts. If you have not yet worked with Carta, or had clients that have inquired about it, you likely will soon, and Velawcity is ready and able to assist when the need arises.

Contact us to learn how we can assist with managing your clients’ Carta needs. We’re always happy to help!

Compared to Other Virtual Paralegal Services Companies

All paralegal services companies are not equal.  Velawcity Legal Support Services:

  • Never directs you to general email boxes. As a Velawcity client, you are assigned to a primary senior paralegal with over 15 years’ experience. You can reach your paralegal whenever a need arises.
  • Promises direct email responses or phone calls within an hour or less.
  • Operates as a team. There is always a backup paralegal, who you are familiar with, in the event that your primary paralegal is on vacation or should you need additional services.
  • Advances filing fees for established clients.
  • Never charges a retainer.

“… Always highly responsive, completely competent, and cost effective, Velawcity brings all of the horsepower of Big Law paralegal services to the small firm/solo practice market at an absurdly small fraction of the cost.” —Russell T. Alba, Esq., Tampa, FL

Satisfaction Guarantee

If that isn’t enough, Velawcity also offers a satisfaction guarantee. So, when using Velawcity’s services you are guaranteed to receive value-added services. If not, we adjust – or write off – our invoice, per your request. We offer this as a safety net, but we’re happy to say in over sixteen years, it’s been an extremely rare occurrence.

Learn More

Contact us to learn how Velawcity Legal Support Services can empower your practice and rescue your bottom line. Please do not hesitate to contact Denise Annunciata at 508-310-1001 or via email at

More About Velawcity Legal Support Services

Velawcity Legal Support Services is an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP) that provides competitive edge solutions to empower lawyers nationwide with high-quality, efficient and cost-effective paralegal services. Velawcity paralegals are virtual, on-demand senior paralegals, each with a minimum of fifteen years’ experience working in law firms and corporate legal departments. Whether you need a daily addition to your legal team, periodic paralegal support, quick research or assistance on a specific project, Velawcity Legal Support Services is your cost-effective, responsive team member.

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